Step 1 - Logistics

We will first provide you with a free consultation, to assess the scope and profile of your website design. This is going to take a lot of work on your part, because the more we know, the better we can provide for you. Once we have all the information we need, a written proposal will be prepared with set goals, website structure, and cost. Your project will be scheduled once an 'Agreement' is settled upon, a deposit paid, and we receive all the information needed for the site, such as text and image files/photos, etc.

Step 2 - Artistic View

After discussing the requirements of the new website, the image it needs to convey, and the target audience, we then create the art direction. Here you can specify color, mood, fonts, logos, or anything graphical that may assist us with the viewable layout. Once approved, a design sample is constructed for the home page. This will also allow you to see how the site will navigate. The website will be housed on our server for your perusal.

Step 3 - Functionality

Once the Artistic View is complete, we take your content and fill in the remaining areas of the website. All mail forms, tables, animation, etc. will be completed in this step.

Step 4 - Publishing

Your website is now ready for publishing. Yeah.... It will be published onto your host when: (1) you are happy and have approved the website, and (2) the balance of the total cost has been received by us. The website will now be under your total control and you will be fully responsible for all information posted on the site.

Step 5 - Maintenance

After your website has been published, you have an option for maintenance support. With our maintenance contract, we offer support in these areas:

  1. Should your website go down, or experience any technical difficulties.
  2. Should you need weekly/monthly support to keep your website updated, i.e. newsletter, events schedule, etc.


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